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Eat Real Food

Want to know how and what to eat? To improve your health and increase your fitness we recommend following these 3 rules

1. Eat Real Food - It once was alive and doesn't come from a package. If it has a long shelf life it should be avoided. Your food should be a close to its original form as possible, locally grown organic being the best.

2. Not Too Much - 3 meals balanced meals a day will be enough to support your activity levels but not fat. No snacking, no seconds serves, no late night treats before bed. No soft drinks, no added sugar. Post workout meals or shakes should be avoided if your carrying excess body fat.

3. Mostly Plants - Your plate should be half full of vegetables, a quarter full of carbohydrates and a quarter full of protein. Include a thumb-sized portion of healthy fats like avocado or olive oil with each meal. Fruit is considered a carbohydrate.

Aim for progressively getting closer to achieving this and you will burn fat, have more energy, more focus, sleep better, recover from workouts quicker and you'll be the best version of you!!

If you need more advice or help with your nutrition comment on this post or email to have a confidential free discussion.