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Workouts July 31 - August 4


Warm Up
3 Rounds
30 seconds at each
Scapula Pull Up retraction
Ring Rows
Pass Overs
Scapula Push Ups

A/ E2M x 5
5 x Pull Ups @ approx 70% of 3RM
*same weight all sets
5 x 5 second eccentric pull up

B/ EM x 20
a. 8-10 BB Bent over rows supinated grip
b. 8-10/side DB cuban press
c. 8-10 BB Upright row
d. Rest


Warm Up
Barbell Skills
Burgener Warm Up

A/ Skill
EM x 5
3 x Heaving Snatch Balance *from the floor building in weight
EM x 5
2 x Hang Snatch *build weight as form allows
EM x 5
1 x Hang Snatch *Build in weight as form allows


Warm Up
Coaches Choice

A/ Partner WOD
E7M x 4
21 Cal Bike
15 Burpee Box overs
9 DB Cleans 50/35

*P1 goes then P2 follows immediately after on bike
*Score is total time of the 4 rounds


Warm Up
KB Warm Up
10 sit ups & 10 Back extensions

A/  E2M x 5
5 x Deadlift @ approx 80% of 3RM
*same weight all sets

B/ EM x 20
a. 8-10 3 second pause front squats
b. 8-10 DB stiff leg deadlifts
c. 8-10/ side RFE split squats
d. Rest


Warm Up
EMOM x 10
a. 8-10 Beat swings *Rings for advanced
b. 15-30 Second Handstand Hold *freestanding/wall facing/ wall/ box

A/ Triple G Chipper
For time:
100 pull-ups* RIng Rows
80 GHD sit-ups *Sit Ups
60 one-legged squats, alternating *to a target
40-cal. row
20 dumbbell push presses 50/35

Time cap: 28 minutes


TBA - CrossFit Games Workout
*Teams Workout!!