Workouts August 27 - September 2


Warm Up

3 Rounds

30 seconds at each

Scapula Pull  Up rectration

Ring Rows

Pass Overs

Scapula Push Ups


A/  Bench Press

Build to a heavy single in 15 mins


B/Partner WOD

160 Wall Balls + Partner hang

80 HSPU + Partner Plank Hold

-reps only count if partner is hanging or holding

-partition as required

-20 min time cap



Warm Up

Barbell Skills


Burgener Warm Up


EM x 30

1x Power Snatch + Overhead Squat

*build technique before adding weight



Warm Up

Coaches choice


Teams of 2


P1 400m Run

P2 500m Row



Warm Up

KB Warm Up


A/  ReTest

Deadlift 3RM

Work up to a 3 rm in 20 minutes


B/ Pull up 3RM

Work up to a 3 RM in 15 minutes



Warm Up

Barbell Skills


15 mins to warm up to a heavy Squat Clean


A/ Retest Conditioning

50 Sit Ups

40 DB Cleans 40/30

30 DB Front Rack Lunges

20 DB Snatches Alternating

10 DB Thrusters

50/35 Cal Row

10 BB Thruster 40/30

20 BB Snatches

30 BB Front Rack Lunges

40 BB Cleans

50 Sit Ups


-20 Min Time Cap

-Use same barbell weight as dumbbell weight

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