Izzy, 20 - Uni Student

Izzy working towards her goal of strict ring muscle ups.

Izzy working towards her goal of strict ring muscle ups.

What brought you to Crossfit in the first place?
I finally finished elite sport which I had done since I was 2. I signed up to a local gym but I found myself never going and when I did I wouldn’t know what to do as I was so use to being given a program to help build what I needed to for my sport. I saw on social media that one of my friends were posting videos of herself doing CrossFit and remembering wanting to give it a go, so I did my research and there I found Capax.

What was your first impression? How has this change?
I explicitly remember in one of my trial sessions with Ben thinking that CrossFit was harder than I thought it was going to be and pretty much dying but loving the feeling it gave me afterwards. Not only does CrossFit involves weights and gymnastics movement but the most challenging was the cardio aspect as I did not need any cardio for diving and gymnastics. I find myself today actually looking for cardio WOD’s during the week and getting excited over them, but the most important part about Capax cross is how everyone is so supportive, encouraging, one big happy family and to work hard whilst to have fun at the same time instead of being serious all the time and super competitive. Today I view CrossFit as my happy place.

What was your first “bright spot”?
My bright spot wouldn’t be achieving any type of movement to be precise but more of the knowledge aspect. I have always been self conscious of my weight and my body image. CrossFit has taught me a lot about fitness, health and nutrition and to enjoy exercise during pain. Looking back at where I was a few months into CrossFit to now a year into CrossFit I have lost about 10kg and feel confident in my own skin, feeling fitter and stronger than ever. It has helped me grow and to believe in myself to be able to achieve whatever my mind sets for myself, such as an RX workout or to lift heavier weights.

What are you working on now?
Right now I would love to be able to do both strict bar muscle ups and ring muscle ups. But for the long run to complete all work outs RX and faster which will hopefully lead me into competitive individual CrossFit competitions.

What’s your favourite Capax memory?
My favorite memory is every day coming into the box and training with such wonderful people, but one that I will always remember is how close the community is. For example we not only see each other just for exercise but we love to all go out together and the love and loyalty I have seen towards each other is something that melts my heart. I can honestly say out of my years in a sporting community I feel the most loved, supported, comfortable and safest at Capax and I definitely feel like an important member with no hierarchy.