Emma M, 40 Executive

Emma during one of her favourite moments at Capax

Emma during one of her favourite moments at Capax

What brought you to Crossfit in the first place?
Early last year I had been training with an PT who told me I was too old and fat to run– which was quite comforting as I’ve always hated to run, she also told me that I shouldn’t lift heavy weights because I would get ‘even bigger’. Unsurprisingly I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted so was on the lookout for something else. This was when I came across Holly Usher Fitness group training on Saturday mornings. The first time I walked into the box I thought it was super-sexy! Training with Holly was brilliant and lit a spark in me – I wanted to do more. She made me run, she made me lift heavy weights and it felt amazing! From there I joined Capax and I love it – in fact I’ve become quite obsessed.

What was your first impression? How has this change?
My first impressions of Capax were that it was a close community and one that I wanted to be a part of; everyone was very friendly and welcoming. I felt like I would never be able to do some of the workouts, but was reassured because there is always a scaling option. I have a much greater understanding of fitness now – we all have our strengths and weaknesses and I am confident that if I keep putting in the work I will see improvements even in my weakest areas. It is so empowering to see myself improve and to watch others around me improve.

What was your first “bright spot”?
Being able to run 800m. That doesn’t sound like very far but I’ve never been able to do that – even as a kid! The first time I did it I was so excited and proud of myself but when it came time to do it again I thought the first time was a fluke! It wasn’t until the third or fourth time that I felt confident that I had nailed it. I can now run 800m quite comfortably and am working on my speed.
The realisation that my body is good at lifting heavy weights and that I LOVE it! There’s nothing quite like smashing a PR before heading to work for the day ☺

What are you working on now?
Pull-ups! I’ve never been able to do one – I can’t imagine my body being able to do one but I am confident that with practice, persistence and the great coaching here at Capax that I’ll get there eventually. I have been inspired by another Capax member who has recently got their first pull-up after lots of hard work and persistence. My diet, since finding passion for Crossfit I have developed a much healthier relationship with food and think of food as fuel now but there is room for improvement and I’d also like to lose some more kgs.

What’s your favourite Capax memory?
Pushing 241kg on the sled and the feeling of being strong and powerful but not aware of what my body was capable of. The first go on the sled had about 80kgs on it and I didn’t have any confidence that I could push it! I could push it quite easily and from there more and more weight got added!
Being the last person to finish a workout! The rest of the class provided me with so much support and encouragement which gave me the edge to power through and finish it. My second favourite memory would be the first time I wasn’t the last person to finish and being able to encourage someone else to power through – what goes around comes around.