Jessica Sami, 22 - Army Private

Jessica during her Army recruit training.

Jessica during her Army recruit training.

What brought you to Capax CrossFit?
The Australian Defence Force referred me to Capax CrossFit due to their high level of Strength & Conditioning. Capax CrossFit trained me with a personalized 12-week strength and conditioning program to increase my fitness before my enlistment with the Army. This included 3 gym and 2 running sessions a week.

What was your first impression of Capax CrossFit?
At first, I was nervous as I had never trained with a personal trainer before however, I very quickly realized that the atmosphere was amazing and the layout of the gym was pretty cool too!

How did Capax CrossFit help me? 
Without Capax CrossFit I would've struggled through my Army recruit training at Kapooka. Having a personal trainer to guide me through everything was extremely helpful as we were able to enhance my strengths and work on my weaknesses. Before Capax CrossFit I was getting on average 8 on the beep test, after my 12 week training program I was able to achieve  11.2 and being the best result in my group! I was more stronger physically and mentally. This was depicted through retesting in the last week of the program in comparison to the first week. My technique and form of lifting had improved a lot through the help of my trainer, Ben. Lastly I had gained an incredible amount of confidence through this program so that initial Army recruit training didn't appear as intimidating.

What are you working on now?
I'm working on maintaining my fitness at high level, playing representative sport for the Army. I am also working on keeping a healthy well balanced diet. 

What's your favourite memory?
One training session, in particular, I had doubts that I could achieve what Ben had set out. This not only challenged me physically but mentally! I had given up so many times through the session and at a point became quite emotional. It is funny to think about it now but at the time I was exhausted and I wanted to stop however with the support of Ben, I was able to finish the session. Despite all my doubts, I had done it!
Till this day I am amazed at what I was able to achieve.